Six Steps to Closing

The Mortgage Process

Six Steps from Application to Closing

step1 1. Organize and apply
Provide documents that verify your income for the past two years and statements that verify your assets for the most recent two months. With this information we will help you complete your loan application and send you a full package with all the disclosures.
step2 2. Review and Accept
Carefully review the application and all disclosures; review any questions that you may have; and sign and return the full package with any other requested items. Separate disclosures will also be sent to you by the lender.

step3 3. Property Appraisal
Upon completion of initial disclosure process and receipt of applicable fees, we will arrange for a property inspection through the lender's appraisal management company or an independent appraiser, as applicable to your mortgage loan.

step4 4. Approval
Upon satisfactory review of the full loan file by the bank’s underwriter, a formal commitment letter will be issued. We will provide a copy of this approval to you and your attorney/closing agent.

step5 5. Title review
Your closing agent will obtain all title related documents after the loan is approved and submit for review as per instructions from the us and/or lender.

step6 6. Closing
On a date mutually agreeable to all parties and as coordinated by us (or in some cases by your closing agent) the transaction will be finalized and closed.